Cache County Alert provides emergency information and updates

Often during a large emergency, disaster, or dangerous situation, people do not know where to find the most current information and updates.  Cache County Alert was created by Cache County to help unify information on emergencies in the County.

During an emergency, the different county organizations, law enforcement, and fire departments have different responsibilities and information.  Cache County Alert will try to provide the most recent information from all organizations and departments related to the emergency or disaster.

This page may be used for different events like earthquakes, wild land fires, evacuations, chemical spills, etc.

This website will not normally be used for small events or incidents that only affect one department; it will be reserved for larger scale incidents.  For update to date information from individual organizations, please go to their websites or follow them on social media.

This website is not considered an emergency warning system, but a service to provide updates and information.

For emergency alerts in your area, please sign up for CodeRED

Other ways you can receive information during an emergency: